Johnsonite: Melodia Homogeneous Sheet and Tile Vinyl Flooring

Melodia Homogeneous Sheet and Tile Vinyl Flooring by Johnsonite
Model Number - Melodia
  • 1
Color 40 Colors
Country United States
Industry Standards ASTM F 1913, ASTM F 1700, ASTM D 2047, AST... Show More
Installation Method Adhesive
Linear Dimensions 6'-6" x 75'-9"
Manufacturer Product Line Vinyl Flooring
Material Vinyl
Region North America
Thickness 0.08"
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Value has many definitions. With Melodia, value is a balance of aesthetics, performance and economics that make it a great solution for a multitude of segments and applications. Melodia’s homogeneous construction means colors and patterns run all the way through, helping maintain its good looks for the life of the floor, which can be 20 years or more. It’s also slip-resistant, resilient and easy to maintain.

A tough Polyurethane (PUR)-reinforced wear layer makes Melodia more durable, resistant to chemicals and easier to keep clean. In fact, it can dramatically cut the cost for maintenance, reducing the use of labor, water, energy and chemicals for a real lifetime return.

More than just tough, Melodia is designer-friendly, with a subtle non-directional design that makes it ideal for use in hospitals, schools, offices or retail applications. Available in a wide range of colors, 40 in all, Melodia coordinates with many interior designs. And Melodia is designed to coordinate with Aria for 16 additional options, which include unique accent granules to add depth to any space.
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